6. "Dancing Waters" - Clay by Stan Bitters, Fresno, he has awards from Otis Art Institute, Chicago and commissions from Maui hotels. This is a lovely fountain which at its inception spouted water pulsating as high as fourteen feet into the air.
      7. "Valley Landing" - Granite sculpture by Gordon Newell, who lives in Pacific Grove and taught at Occidental and Chouinards School of Arts. His sculptures are on display in permanent collections of both Oakland and San Diego museums of art.

       E. Griffith-McKenzie/Helm Building - 1914
1111 Fulton Mall, Classical Revival, W. Kelham, Architect.

"Valley Landing" - by Gordon Newell
     In 1914, Samuel N. Griffith, a realty promoter, and

Valley Landing

William H. McKenzie's heirs built the ten-story building. Later, it came into the hands of Frank M. Helm and was renamed. With it's ornate, broad cornice and ten-stories, it was the tallest in California and stood out as the major building for eight years.
      8. "La Grand Laveuse (Washer Woman)" - Bronze by Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919, France, a famous Impressionist painter. He attended Ecole de Beaux-Arts. For more information, check the Fresno County Library; there are over 30 books dealing only with Renoir. La Grand Laveuse is the star of the sculptures on the Mall. There were six originals made and Fresno was lucky to get the last one. This is a classic piece of art by one of the most famous artists in the 19th and early 20th centuries art history. "La Grand Laveuse (washer woman)" Bronze by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pacific Southwest/Security Building -
La Grand Laveuse (Washer Woman)

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