Free Evangelical Lutheran Cross Church  


  On December 4, 1762 Catherine II of Russia invited Germans to come to Russia to settle. Because times were very poor in Germany, 104 colonies of Germans settled in Russia along the Volga River from 1764 to 1768. By 1887. a group of immigrants arrived in Fresno from a German Colony in Russia. They found work on the railroad and large farms. As they saved funds they bought land and farmed.

In 1892 there were 167 Volga Germans in Fresno, and a need was felt to open a church. They wrote to Jacob Legler, an assistant pastor from Straub, Russia, asking that he come to Fresno and help them start a church. He arrived in 1891. The church was organized on March 15, 1892 with 85 members. The first church was built in 1895 on D Street. Over the years, many more Volga Germans came to Fresno. In 1915 a new, very large Cross Church was built on F and San Diego.

In 1947, the State of California was planning for the 99 freeway through Fresno that would span F and San Diego Street. It was decided to move the large brick church two blocks to E and Los Angeles streets. Star House movers of Los Angeles moved the building. It was a great success and stands there today. The historic new German Cross Church is located on Palm and Gettysburg. Now Fresno Temple Church of God owns the building at E and Los Angeles.

On F and Los Angeles is the old German Church of God and at 260 E Street is the old Second Church.
  Location: E and Los Angeles Street - Fresno, CA 93706   VIEW MAP >>  

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