The Walking Tour
      We will start with two important buildings just off the north end of the Mall, but seen as part of the historic fabric of the Mall.

A. Pantages/Warnors Theater - 1928
1400 Fulton Street
Moorish Revival, B. Marcus Priteca, Architect.
     A 1920's movie house palace design, the Pantage was a vaudeville theater at first, but this was late for vaudeville and it soon became a movie house. It is now back to live performances. It has been called Moorish Revival, but has elements of Baroque, Rococo and Greek. One of the outstanding features is the Robert-Morton organ. The classic dome adds to the beauty and to the acoustics for the organ.

Warnors Theater

B. San Joaquin Light & Power, PG&E, and International Trade Center - 1923 
1401 Fulton Street, Classic Revival, R.F. Felchlin and Raymond R. Shaw, Architects
      Describe as Beaux Arts Classic, this handsome 10-story building with its mansard, tile roof, ornate metalwork and giant lighted sign looks even taller. It was the first centrally-cooled building in Fresno.
      1. "The Visit" - Bronze by Clement Renzi, a former sculptor with extensive credentials. He has studied at UC Berkley, New York, and Vienna. His works are owned by the University of Virginia, Notre Dame, Penn Academy of Arts, as well as elsewhere in Fresno and surrounding valley towns. This one is visitor-friendly; children like to climb up and sit in the ladies' lap. The Visit - Bronze by Clement Renzi
      2. "Rite of the Crane" - Bronze by Bruno Groth. German born, he now lives in Trinidad,
California. He has had many one man shows: New
York, Chicago, San Francisco (de Young),

The Visit

 Los Angeles. There are many commissions of his throughout California as well as New York and Portland, Oregon. The stately cranes are tastefully displayed among reeds and grasses, which is appropriate for the valley where the marshlands still protect them today.
      3. "Talos" - Bronze by James Lee Hansen, Vancouver, Washington. He taught at Oregon State, UC Berkeley, Portland and has had numerous shows and awards. Talos comes from Greek mythology. He was a man of brass given by Zeus to King Minos of Crete as a watchman. Thus, the watchman of the Mall.

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