4. "Aquarius Ovoid" - Brass water fountain by George Tsutakawa, Seattle. He was on the University of Washington art faculty since 1946, had over 50 major exhibits: international exhibits in Berlin;
Sao Paulo, Brazil; Portland; Denver; Oakland; San Francisco and San Diego.
      Aquarius means water carrier and Ovoid, oval
"Aquarius Ovoid" - by George Tsutakawa
shape. Thus. a fountain carrying water through an oval.

Aquarius Oval

"Trisem" -  by J. Newton Russell       C. Brix Building - 1922, rehabilitated 1979
1221 Fulton Mall, Classic Revival, Eugene Mathewson, Architect, Robert Von Ezdorf, Designer. Rehab Edwin S. Darden & Associates.
      H.H. Brix, a German immigrant, came to homestead in the Coalinga area. The Coalinga oil boom was on, and the black gold proved more profitable than homesteading. He built several buildings and a beautiful home in Fresno. This Brix Building was built by his heirs after death.

      5. "Trisem" - Granite boulders by T. Newton Russell, Fresno artist, essentially self taught. He had several shows at the Fresno Art Museum and received various awards


and commissions. His Mall sculpture is his most important.

      D. Mattei/Guarantee Savings Building - 1921
1171 Fulton Mall, Classical Revival, Eugene Mathewson, Architect, Robert Von Ezdordf, Designer, Remodel by Robert Stevens Associates.
       The first building on the property was the Fresno Water System in 1876, and there have been important buildings ever since that time. In 1916, Andrew Mattie, Italian-Swiss winemaker, bought the property for $55,000 and spent $1,200,000 on the building which included a well, direct-current steam generators with tunnels to the Andella (Crest theatre site), Kinema Theatre, Brix Building and Fresno Hotel. Mattie died in 1933. The bank foreclosed and it had many owners until Guarantee Savings bought it in 1961. They remodeled it and unfortunately destroyed some of the classical details. If you look at it from the alley, you will see the original classical columns and capitals.

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