17. "Smoldering Fires" - Modern copper and Venetian glass by Claire Falkenstein of Venice, California. Born Coos Bay, Oregon. Chosen Woman of the Year for Art by Los Angeles Times, 1969. She taught at San Francisco Art Institute, Mills College, UCLA and other places and had numerous shows and commissions, one in a French chateau which was exhibited at the Louvre.

"Yokuts Native American" - Bronze by Clement Renzi.
Yokuts Native

      18. "Yokuts Native American" - Bronze by Clement Renzi. The Yokuts were masters of the San Joaquin Valley when the first settlers arrived.
      19. "Obos" - Bronze fountain by George Tsutakawa (see #4)

"Obos" - Bronze fountain by George Tsutakawa


These magnificent buildings, impressive art objects and significant Mall landscape design are all part of Fresno's sacred heritage. We hope greater understanding and awareness of their history will make you value and protect them for the enjoyment of future generations.




Fulton Mall


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