J. Radin & Kamp / J.C. Penny Company - 1925
      959 Fulton Mall, Classical Revival, Felchlin, Shaw, Franklin Architects.
      Under several names and at several different locations, Radin & Kamp were pioneer merchants of Fresno from the 1880's to 1941. From 1945 J.C. Penny Company occupied the building until 1986. For many years it was the largest building - in square footage - in Fresno. Notice it has a decorated cornice and pediments between the windows.

J. Radin & Kamp / J.C. Penny Company - 1925

Radin & Kamp - J.C. Penny Building

      13. "Mother & Child" - Porphyry by Romondo Puccinelli, Florence, Italy. Born in San Francisco taught at UC Berkeley, Mills College and other schools. He has received many awards in Italy and the United States.

      14. "Ellipsoid VI" - Brass Fountain by Charles Owen Perry. Born in Helena, Montana, now lives in Rome, Italy. Degree in architecture from Yale. Awards

"Mother & Child" Porphyry by Romondo Puccinelli
for architecture and one-man shows in United States,

Mother & Child

Italy and England. The word ellipsoid refers to the
shape of the object inside the fountain.
"Ellipsoid VI" - Brass Fountain by Charles Owen Perry       15. "Spreading Fires" (see #17)

      16. "Leaping Fires" (see #17)



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