H. Bank of Italy-Bank of America Building - 1917
1001 Fulton Mall, Classical Revival, R.F. Felchlin Company, Charles Franklin, Architect.
      This 8-story edifice with its ornate terra cotta spandrel panels, cornice and first-floor window trim is distinguished from all the others in the area.
"Bank of Italy - Bank of America Building"
The interior lobby is elegant

Bank of Italy - Bank of America Building

with marble floors, decorative plaster ceiling, etched brass elevator doors, solid mahogany stair rails and a 25-foot ceiling. A.P. Giannini himself came to the dedication in August, 1918.

      11. "Arbre Echelle" - Bronze by Brancois Stahly, born in Germany, now lives in Meudon, France. He exhibited regularly in several salons in Paris and exhibited throughout Europe and in Tokyo. His Commissions include a chapel at the Vatican, Brussels International Exhibition, and others in France.

      12. "Orion" - Bronze by Bernard Rosenthal. He lives in New York, taught at UCLA. Awards: San Francisco and Los Angeles Art Museums, American Institute of Art, Penn. Academy of Fine Arts, and many one-man shows and commissions.
      The name Orion is from Greek and Roman mythology. A hunter loved by Diana, he was killed by accident and she placed him in the heavens as a constellation named Orion.

      I. T.W. Patterson Building - 1922
2014 Tulare Street, Classical Revival, R.F. Felchlin Company, Architect.
     The 8-story building housed the most glamorous of women's fashion stores, The Wonder Store. In 1964, the newly organized Downtown Club occupied the top floor. Because there were medical offices in the building, over the Tulare Street entrance there is a caduceus emblem. Marble sheaths the walls of the lobby. At the Fulton Mall

"Orion" - Bronze by Bernard Rosenthal
entrance, a mural of Tuscany graces the walls. The


staircase to the mezzanine is flanked by lacy metal banisters.

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